Cockroach Bait From China

Cockroach Bait From China

OEM Brand Best Selling Cockroach Gel Bait Killing Bait Powder Features 1.The effect of killing cockroaches is very good. 2.The active ingredient of this product is 0.05% fipronil. 3.This product makes comprehensive cockroach principle. 4.Infectious elimination of cockroaches is better. 5.More...
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Cockroach bait from china


It is with high professional technological formula. It can effectively allure cockroaches to eat the bait, and then the cockroaches will go back to nest, die and other cockroaces will eat its body, then the whole nest cockroaches will die.

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Product Specification

Product name
Cockroache bait
20GP900 pcs
40'HQ2200 pcs
Carton size38*32*25cm
Outer packing20pcs/ plate
Inner packing0.4 grams/pcs

Product Details






Q: Are you manufacturor?

A:Sure,we are factory,nice quality and nice price. 

we are manufacturer specialized in pest control and authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture. We can promise the quality of the product and provide the competitive price for you.

Q:Do you accept OEM?

A:Sure, we would like to offer OEM service.

Q:Can I get sample for free ?

A:We can offer free samples, and it will be sent to you after received your courier fee.

Q:Is it harmful for human?

A:It's safety for human if using in right way. Please use without worries. 

Q:What 's your payment method?

A:.What is the minimum order quantity?

generally speaking our MOQ is 800 cartons. But what ever the quantity you are ,we will manufacture for you, but the price surely different.