Cockroach Baits Insecticide

It is the professional product to kill cockroaches, against the cockroach resistance, then developed the formula of cockroach killing bait , contains the cockroach pheromones, luring is strong, palatability is good, cockoraches enjoy feeding. A cockroach is poisoned can cause serial poisoning deaths among cockroaches. Suitable for home, restaurants, hotels, food processing factory and rural farms and other places, after the medicine is dried, proper amount of water is added to damp the medicine, the efficacy can be extended.
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Product Details

Cockroach Baits Insecticide

Serial kill cockroaches,Cockroach all gone,Powerful and effective.

It's name is cockroach baits.

There are 20 pieces/unit, 60 units/cartons.

It is suitable for hotel,hospital,mall,school,home and so on.

Eco-friendly,Safety,TOPONE,Great choice for health.


Using Method.

Open the packaging and remove products.

Take out the cockroach bait stick.

Open a single cockroach paste.

It is small and easy to carry.Home supplies.

3PCS-Lot-Cockroach-Bait-Gel-Killer-Killing-Pest-Repellent-Cockroach-Baits-Kitchen-Supplies-Insecticide-Trap (1)

TOPONE research and verification results,Focus on the field of insecticidal years,After year of countless times scientific research to verify the bait against cockroaches,and make the health of gel bait against cockroaches,Safety and environmental,protection green.

3PCS-Lot-Cockroach-Bait-Gel-Killer-Killing-Pest-Repellent-Cockroach-Baits-Kitchen-Supplies-Insecticide-Trap (2)

3PCS-Lot-Cockroach-Bait-Gel-Killer-Killing-Pest-Repellent-Cockroach-Baits-Kitchen-Supplies-Insecticide-Trap (3)

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