Cockroach Killing Baits

Cockroach Killing Baits

Eco-friendly,Natural Cockroach Baits,Built-in cockroach bait,Baby is not easy to contact.Long term efficacy.Global Topone brand,Enter every family.
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Product Details

Cockroach Killing Baits.

Product Information.

Product Name: Cockroach Baits.

Capacity: About 1.5g / piece.

Packing: 6Pieces / box.

Packing List: 48 boxes / carton.

Features: Eco-friendly,Natural,Long term efficacy.




It is cockroach bait,It can entice the cockroach to eat it and killing the cockroach,The effect is good, We have own factory,If you are interested in it,We can offer you the good price,Thank you