Evolution Cockroach Gel

24 hours safe guard for families.safety,green,reliability,lasting,eco-friendly.Professional insect repellent,Use Topone Cockroach Gel.
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Evolution Cockroach Gel


TOPONE Cockroach Gel Injection.New formula,New killing cockroach ingredient: Fipronil.

The same effect with low content.only 0.05%,It is more safety.

 Low resistance to cockroaches.The effect is good.

Eco-friendly,Safety,Environmentally friendly.



There are added cockroach favorite food.

Entice cockroaches to eat it so that kill the cockroaches.

You can make it in what the cockroaches will appear.


Product Information

Product Name: cockroach gel.

Capacity: 10g / piece.

Packing List: 60 pieces / carton.

Features: eco-friendly,safety,natural.

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