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- Mar 23, 2018-


Micro-smoke mosquito-repellent incense is an insect-repellent used in health.The product is made up high-grade raw material adopting international recent technology and employing advanced spray-paint technology.Its effect is very powerful. Its kill-speed is very quick.Not harm to human body.It is not easier moisture absorption,mildew, It is break-resistant,pull-resistant.No contaminate,be-long to green product of environmental protection.The aged and children is even more suitable to use the mosquito-repellent incense.


Product Introduction

1.Eco-friendly mosquito coils

2.Size: 125-145mm


4.Feature: Flavor : Sandalwood,Lemon or Customized

5.Effective Time : 8-13hrs

6.Brand:OEM&ODM accepted

7.Long time and powerful effect of killing mosquitoes



1. Keep away from children, wash hands after touching coils.

2.Store in a cool dry place.

3.Keep away from food and food items and flammable materials.

Direction for use

1. Separate coils by holding the inner ends of the coils with both hands.

2. Insert the holder tip into the hole at the centre.

3. Light the outer end of coil and wait for a smoke to appear.

4. Avoid excessive of prolonged inhalation of smoke.

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