100% Trustworthy black mosquito coil

- Mar 06, 2018-

Black mosquito control coils are anti-mosquito products used in health.The products are  made up high-grade raw material adopting international recent technology and employing advanced spray-paint technology.Its effect is very powerful. Its kill-speed is very quick.Not harm to human body.It is not easier moisture absorption,mildew,It is easier opened.It is break-resistant,pull-resistant,pleasant fragrance lighting,no contaminate,be-long to green product of environmental protection.The aged and children is even more suitable to use the mosquito-repellent incense.



1.Smokeless,no offensive odor.

2.Promptly killing flies, mosquitoes.

3.Safe for human and livestock.

4.Long effective duration: 8hours to 12hours.

5.Easy to ignite,difficult to be fractured,constantly fire.



1.Separate the two coils slightly.

2. Fire the single coil then fix on the tray and put it at ventilated place.

3.After a few seconds,an insecticidal somke will spread out.


This is a high grade mosquito coil which adopts international technology in its production. It is environmentally friendly and safe for human use. The coil has a pleasant fragrance and kills insects effectively with speed.



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