A good way to say goodbye to the mosquitoes in the summer.

- Jun 27, 2018-

What do you do when you are bitten by a mosquito?

Correct way of opening mosquito repellent.


As long as willing to eat alkaline vegetable diet, physique and blood is slightly alkaline, not only mosquitoes do not bite, even after being bitten, it will not be too itchy! If you bite, you can use your tiny alkaline saliva to smear mosquito bites. It can also relieve itching.


Try to wear socks. Many people like to wear shoes in the summer. They do not know that after wearing socks, mosquitoes feel that the humidity of the human skin is reduced and the skin volatiles are reduced, which will reduce the bite.


Indoor installation of orange light bulbs, because the mosquito is afraid of orange red light, so it can produce a good mosquito repellent effect.


After eating garlic, people will secrete a taste, and mosquitoes will hide far away. Before eating garlic, it is best to slice it into thin slices for 15 minutes to repellent. Garlic can also be sliced, placed on the window or smeared on screen windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room. The garlic can also be planted around the flowerpot, letting its special spicy smell float away, and the fierce mosquito will disappear instantly.


Ohio State University research found that cat Mint will make mosquitoes "fear", its essential oil repellent effect is 10 times the mosquito repellent.

If you want to kill mosquitoes,there are also the following methods.



1. Effect scope:12-16 square meter,the effectiveness time 8-10 hours.

2. Safety and hygiene:No flavor, clean and safe to people and environment.

3. Fresh fragrance:gently and no irritating,fragrance and refresh people,odorless available.

4. Can be used by nearly everyone, including children, elder people and pregnant women.

5. Insect killer electric mosquito repellent mat,for all electric anti-mosquito heaters , electric mosquito mat , insect killer mat ,Pest control.


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