A various of antiperspirant methods. Please choose the method that suits you.

- Feb 03, 2018-

A various of antiperspirant methods:

1.Excessive body sweating. Pay special attention to timely replacement of sweat clothes. And warm water bath to keep the skin dry.


2. Diligently wash wash wash clothes. Summer is very hot. Often take a bath is more effective and practical antiperspirant method. Note that use warm water wash, so wash will feel whole body cool. If you wash with cold water and will lead to pores shrink. But after the shower feel more hot. After bathing clothes should be promptly washed out. So as to avoid the perspiration to stimulate the skin.


3. Use antiperspirant or antiperspirant. More sweat in summer. You can use a small area or antiperspirant. Not a large area of the body smear. Antiperspirant can be sprayed on the site of sweating.To reduce sweat secretion.You can effectively deodorant. Select antiperspirant products. We should pay attention to choose from the regular manufacturers and qualified batch number of products. Before use should be in the upper arm try. Such as no erythema, itching and other symptoms can be assured. Because some antiperspirants on the skin irritation may lead to allergies. Moreover, the damaged area of the skin can not use antiperspirant products.


I & ADMIRED body dew six major characteristics:

1. Fragrance elegant.Fragrant and pleasant. To make people refreshed.

2. Safe and non-stimulating.Does not affect the normal function of sweat glands, suitable for all kinds of physical populations.

3. Antiperspirant removal, gently spray, effective within one minute, odor removal.

4. Scent, less dosage and long duration, the fragrance of the smell can be maintained throughout the day, it is refreshing.

5. Aroma elegant, first-class taste, so you have allure.

6. Anytime, anywhere to use, mini design portable, easy to spray, simple and convenient.


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