Baby Diapers should be replaced in time, If baby wearing too long for the baby has 5 injuries.

- May 16, 2018-

There are many claims that using diapers will cause all kinds of harm to babies. Many mothers are worried. In fact, as long as diapers are used properly, there is no need to worry too much. The 5 problems that often happen in diapers are all caused by improper usage. Are these mothers misunderstood?


No.1:Diaper rash



Diapers are not replaced promptly, and urine residue causes the baby's buttocks to be tortured, unable to keep dry, causing diaper rash. It is suggested that mothers should choose thin and thick styles according to the characteristics of seasonal climate. They should also pay attention to the size of diapers and not to wrap them too tightly.


No.2:Extension of toilet training time



Previous diapers are not convenient to wear, affecting the progress of toilet training. But now there are products specially designed for children's toilet training, such as growth pants, slacks, waist loops, and so on.


No.3:The skin of the fart is damaged



The rational use of diapers will not damage the skin of the baby, because the quality of the quality of the surface of the diapers is soft, mostly with the essence of skin care, can form a layer of protective film, will not affect the health of the baby's skin. But if the diaper goes through a long time, the baby's hip temperature will increase, take away the body moisture, and the baby's skin is very delicate, repeated friction easily wrinkle the skin.


No.4:Inflammation of the umbilical cord



The diapers are stuck in the baby's waist. If the umbilical cord of the newborn is not shedding, the baby will have friction with the diaper once the baby has the action. It can easily make the skin wear and tear, and the problems of inflammation and bleeding appear. In order to avoid this kind of problem, mother can break the diaper part close to the baby's umbilical cord and turn outward after wearing the diapers to the baby, so long as the diaper will not contact and rub the baby's navel, it will not be a problem.


No.5:The O type leg


There are many reasons for the O leg, mainly because calcium deficiency in the baby body is not related to the use of diapers. But if the baby's diapers are not changed in time, the longer the time is, the more urine is swell to the left and right sides of the diapers. The baby's legs are not expanded by the outside. The longer time will make the baby feel the outward expansion of the inner thighs, which not only affects the walking, but also is not conducive to the development of the bones.

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