Car spray Paint can also be used like this.

- Oct 20, 2018-

This is Spray paint artist create a piece picture.He used different colors to complete the colorful picture below.

Then the painting above, the color used. Our car spray paint also has these colors.



Spray Paint is produced through advanced technique and production process. It's a kind of fast drying thermoplastic acrylic aerosol paint, which is benzene-free, environment friendly. It has features such as simple construction, flexible operation, good atomizer, fast drying, plenty and attractive paint membrane, enduring color. And it has high integrated performance in weather ability, stickness, luster, hardness, flexibility, impact resistance and etc. These properties make it has excellent protect and decoration function. It is widely applied in decoration and repair for various substrate including metal, wood with treated surface, glass, ABS plastic and etc.


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