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- Nov 09, 2017-

Many people buy new clothes. You are too impatient to wait to put it on. In fact, there's a lot of health hidden trouble!

1. Should the new clothes be washed and put on again?

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Clothing in the process of printing and dyeing. Formaldehyde is needed. Because it's needed to fixed color and crease-resist. This is the difference between certified products or and non certified products.


As everyone knows, the formaldehyde is bad for health. So I hope you  buy new clothes.Be sure to clean and wear it first.

2. After washing clothes to know whether fade.


I have seen an interesting picture online. Someone bought the new clothes and did not wash it, then put on a day. Take off until evening. He found that his body was all black. Just as the clothes are still on the body.


Although that’s funny. But if this person is sensitive skin. It may cause contact dermatitis. If not handled promptly. It could also cause bacterial infections. This is bad for health.

3. children clothes


When mom buys children's clothes.You must pay special attention to it.

Because children are weak in resistance.Dark clothes fade easily.

Try to buy light colored and non printed clothes.


In addition.There's a little trick to buy children's clothes.Just look at the label. Class A general choice of children's clothing no problem. Formaldehyde content 20mg / kg. This is safer.

4. Cleaning & Drying



when you buy clothes,you can smell. If you smell an irritating taste may be excessive formaldehyde.

2. Cleaning




At this time, you can use laundry sheets.Laundry sheets are innovative laundry products that enable laundry products to be sheet-like and lightweight while being easy to carry; laundry sheets using nano-technology and ultra-concentrated technology provide greater  cleanness than regular laundry products, And in both hot and cold water will immediately melt, non-phosphorus, non-toxic, non-fluorescent brighteners, it can penetrate a variety of clothing fibers break stubborn stains.

Formaldehyde dissolved in water.So be sure to wash clothes before wearing.When necessary, you can add some salt or detergent and add salt can not only sterilize and prevent fading.

3. Drying


After washing clothes.Be sure to bask in the sun.Thoroughly dry.In the drying process.

Some water-insoluble formaldehyde will also be volatile out.Such clothes are safer and healthier.

4. Cleaning


Don’t  think that the dry clothes are safe.For safety, after dry clean clothes.Also have to get the balcony drying.This is the nature of formaldehyde.Soluble in water + volatile.

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