Body odor is so easy to remove.---I&Admirer Brand body spray(TOPONE knowledge)

- Nov 30, 2017-

If you have body odor or bad smell.Not only trouble yourself.But also to keep out of reach of others. Although many methods have been used.The effect is not good.Do you want to change the smell of your body?


I & ADMIRED brand Body spray to let you out of stinky man & stinky woman identity. Counter-conversion into the charm of the goddess &God of identity. Whether the counter-attack is successful depends on whether you want to take this step.


I & ADMIRED body dew six major characteristics:

1. Fragrance elegant.Fragrant and pleasant. To make people refreshed.

2. Safe and non-stimulating.Does not affect the normal function of sweat glands, suitable for all kinds of physical populations.

3. Antiperspirant removal, gently spray, effective within one minute, odor removal.

4. Scent, less dosage and long duration, the fragrance of the smell can be maintained throughout the day, it is refreshing.

5. Aroma elegant, first-class taste, so you have allure.

6. Anytime, anywhere to use, mini design portable, easy to spray, simple and convenient.



I & ADMIRER Body spray tips:

1. Suitable for body sweating and body odor heavy parts, such as armpits, neck, foot, knee medial and other places.

2. Can not be used on the scratched skin, otherwise easily lead to wound stimulation.

3.Is not recommended for use on the face, it will make sweat can not be discharged caused by clogging pores, adversely affecting the face.

4. Replenishment of the product, it is best to gently wipe with a facial mask dry sweat, and then make up with a little.





Step one: Pick up the body dew, first shake twice, if the bottle cap, open the bottle cap.

Step two: need to spray 2 to 3 under.

Step three: Massage to absorb.


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