Share the skills to wash dirty clothes.

- Jan 17, 2018-

How to easily wash off some dirty stains on clothes?TOPONE below to share some of the stains for washing clothes.


No.1:Hotpot dirty stains on white clothing.


Squeeze point toothpaste moistened with water.Evenly spread on the grease, gently rub. White foam cover the entire piece of cloth. Clean with water, grease completely disappeared.


No.2:Handwriting dirty stains on clothes.

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Use Erguotou and water. There will be handwriting immersed in the Erguotou. And then use the detergent to clean it. Or pour milk in handwriting stains. Dip some water rub.


No.3:Wine dirty stains on clothes.

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Put the dirty clothes soaked in water. Sprinkle with sugar in the stains scrub and drift net can be. Or soda powder coated in wet stains and wait for ten minutes rinse water.


No.4:Perspiration dirty stains on clothes.

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Because sweat contains fat and easily condensed in the fabric fibers. So add about two tablespoons of ammonia in the wash. Soak for a few minutes, scrub, and then washed with water. And then follow the general washing program.


No.5:Various fruit juice printed dirty stains on clothes.

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New stains can immediately spread salt in the dirt, light rub hand, wet with water immersed in detergent solution wash. You can also use warm water rub, soap strong removal. After the re-trace and trace clear. You can use 5% Ammonia water and organic acids in the juice. And then wash with detergent. Ketchup can be scraped dry and wash with warm detergent. After the jelly can be shampooed with water after shampooing. Then soapy alcohol liquid wash, water rinse.


Focus came. TOPONE laundry sheet era.

laundry sheet 

Laundry sheets are innovative laundry products that enable laundry products to be sheet-like and lightweight while being easy to carry; laundry sheets using nano-technology and ultra-concentrated technology provide greater  cleanness than regular laundry products, And in both hot and cold water will immediately melt, non-phosphorus, non-toxic, non-fluorescent brighteners, it can penetrate a variety of clothing fibers break stubborn stains.


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