Diapers Help Your Plants Grow!

- Nov 28, 2018-

How can diapers help your plants grow?  

In this video you'll see how to use new, or "gently used", diapers to;

- Make a "super gel" for better gardening

- Cut your watering schedule in half

- Help fresh cut flowers last longer and look awesome

- Start growing seeds the lazy way

- Protect your plants from overwatering and under watering

The next time you have a damaged or defected diaper that you're just going to throw away, why not rip it apart and try some of these experiments for yourself?  Just make sure it hasn't been used for it's original intended purpose first!


And recommend your baby to use TOPONE brand baby diapers


TOPONE brand Baby Diaper Features Description

1). Non woven fabric: keep baby surface dry and natural.

2). Clothlike / PE film: both available, particular surface performance to ensure smooth and gentle touch feeling.

3). Magic tape: adjustable for fastening and re-fastening with lovely patterns.

4). 3D-leak guard: protect from leaking.

5). Leg cuff: non-woven material, triple elastic bands to support free movement for baby.

6). Elastic waist band: The back-side elastic waist band to ensure snug&fit comfort for baby.

Update the knowledge every week. Please pay attention to the website information.


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