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- Dec 21, 2017-

Rats can not eat for a few days, but can not drink water a day.

So pay attention to where there is water!

For example,kitchen, sink, slit and so on.

Mouse is a group of animals, if your family found a mouse,

Maybe have any more .

Why do your home often attract rats to patronize? That is because you do not know these die out mouse skill!


You can judge the whereabouts of mice by traces of bite, footprints, urine traces, traces of rat tracks, and traces of dead rats, rat droppings, rat tracks, rat holes.


First,It is necessary to pack the food well. The rice noodles bag should be put in the sealed box. The kitchen should be clean and free of food residue. Put the finished rice in the refrigerator.


Second,To clean the house, clean up debris, especially the kitchen, basement, cabinets and other dark and humid place.

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Third,You need to remember that some places that connect with the outside world can block as much as possible. For example, some of the pipe interface.A variety of outlet cracks, cracks and other things can be used to plug a solid.All kinds of vents can use a small mesh barbed wire seal.


In addition to die out mouse to do the job.These jobs can not be less!

Of course.Don’t less mouse glue trap!

Rat&Mouse Glue Trap

Mouse glue trap board with colorless, tasteless, safe, environmentally friendly and so on. Suitable for other die out mouse methods more sensitive places. Such as food factory, pharmaceutical factory, kitchen and so on. Mouse glue trap can not only stick to mice but also stick cockroaches, flies, bugs, centipedes and other insects.

Rat&Mouse Glue Trap



1.You can carefully observe the surrounding environment.And the initial grasp of the scope of activities of rats and walking routes.

2. The mouse glue trap spread horizontally on the mouse activity and walking routes.You can also be folded into a tube or U-shaped, on a small space, such as the gap between the refrigerator and the wall.

3. The mouse glue trap has added a peanut flavor attractant. Such as sticky in the mouse glue trap with a shell of peanuts, pistachios and other nuts. 

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