- Jan 18, 2019-

Share the testing out a recipe for DIY all natural laundry detergent pods and reusable dryer sheets.


And share the TOPONE brand Laundry sheet.


1.Non-phosphate Non-toxic No Fluorescent Agent Protect And Bright Color Deep Cleaning.

2. Technology Cleaning Technology In Germany Environmental Protection Without Residue  

3.Natural plant saponin clean factors based on nano penetration technology penetrate into the clothing fibers, easily collapse multiple stubborn stains, and clean the clothing as new for the inside and out.

4.Nano technology protects primary color of the clothing, and the washed clothes appear fresh in bright colors. 

5.Complaisance factors restore the natural resilience of clothes, and make them soft and smooth . Close to nature, and allowing the everlasting natural fragrance to create a soothing pleasure like exposure to the nature.

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