Do You Know Advantages of Electric Mosquito Mat ?

- Jan 04, 2020-

Do You Know Advantages of Electric Mosquito Mat ?

Electirc Mosquito Mat is a mosquito repellent too.

It is non-toxic and smokeless,eco-friendly,natural,safety.

Small shape,great effect,It is easy to carry and no obstacles.

TOPONE mat,Repellent lasts a maximum of 12 hours.


30 pieces mats / box, 120 boxes / carton.

About the directions for using.

1.Cut the protective film.

2.Take out the mosquito mats.

3.Insert it to the mosquito heater.

4.Make the mosquito mats heater into the socket.

It is suitable for living room,bedroom,hotel,office,kitchen and so on.

High efficient type,Let the mosquito out,keep away the mosquito,TOPONE give you a good,eco-friendly surroundings,If there are any question,Please feel free to leave the message to us, Thank you.

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