Do You Know How To Anti-Mouse ?

- Oct 23, 2019-

Do You Know How To Anti-Mouse ?

Hello,Dear friend,Do you know how to anti-mouse ?

Follow me to study a few way to drive the mouse.


If our home has mouse,It is very bad,It will make trouble for our home.

It will reduce the quality of the life.

You can raise a cat, Most of cat don't eat mouse now,But it can scare the mouse.

Use the cement to wipe out the mouse,First.

Fry the rice,flour,com flour ect.Drop in a little sesame oil,mix some dry cement powder,Spread in the place which the mouse will appear,After the mouse has it,The cement will absord moisture to condense in the stomach.

Causes mouse's constipation and bloating so that death.

It is said that this is a evil method form the folk.

 We also need to prevent the mouse.

1.We need usually to remove debris,Clean the indoor,Keep the home clean.

2.Check the mouse hole,Survey the place which the mouse will usually appear.

Put the bait to catch it.

3.Keep well the food,Force the mouse to eat the bait so that death.

If the garbage dump with food,You can think,The mouse has a lot of food to eat.

It will not to bait,So we should keep well the food first.

You also can use the mouse glue to catch the mouse,The mouse glue with the fragrance to entice the mouse to enter it so that catch it successfully.

TOPONE Mouse Glue Trap help you to catch the mouse,Catch the mouse,It is so easy.



Information of the products

Name: strong sticky mouse & rat glue trap

Size: 337mm*217mm

Material: waterproof cardboard,high adhesion glue.

Shelf Life: 5 years

Packing List: 50 pieces / carton

How to use it ? ?


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