Do You Know How To Wipe Out The Cockroach ?

- Oct 21, 2019-

Do You Know How To Wipe Out The Cockroach ?

We can see the cockroach in anywhere in our life.

The cockroach has existed for more than 300 million years.

Mos of them grow in warm and humid environments.Home,Office,Factory and so on.

The cockroach not only is annoyed by the people,But also its excrement that it will cause allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Let me introduce something way can kill the cockroach for you.

Washing Powder

An efficient agent for trapping cockroaches.You can put some washing powder in some place which the cockroach will appear,When the cockroach eat the washing powder,The cockroach will be killed by the washing powder.



Mix half of sugar and half of soda.

Put them in the place which the cockroach will appear.About 3-14 days.

The cockroach will be gone.It is said that this is the anti-cockroach secret recipe of the American.


Boric Acid

You can use boric acid with the water to mopping the floor.After drying.

White boric acid crystals will penetrate into the floor grap,It can be anti-cockroach and ant.


Daily Cleaning

We should cleaning the home,Usually sweep the floor,Clean the floor,Dust,Clean the kitchen,Window and so on.

Keep the home clean,You also can plant some flower or plants and so on.

Green Radish,Everygreen,Calendula and so on.


Cockroach Gel Pest Control

Youdell in the bait can entice the cockroash to eat it.

After the cockroash eat it and come back its place of living,Under normal circumstances,2-3 days,It will death,And its partner also will eat it,Then it also will poisoned death too.




Used as a spot or crack and crevice treatment for the control of cockroaches in and around homes, institutional, warehousing and commercial establishments.

Gel placements should be at or near harbourages or aggregation areas, such as cracks and crevices, corners, or areas of movement.

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