Do You Know How To Wipe Out The Mosquito?

- Oct 11, 2019-

Do You Know How To Wipe Out The Mosquito?

As well know,Our skin is senstive,If your skin is bitten by the mosquito.

There will be swollen and it will be very itch,Especially,If someone was bitten by mosquito.

Not only make the people difficult to sleep,But also spread disease,It is very bad.

So we should pay attention it.


Follow us to study how to itch ?

●  One: You can smear essential balm in the itchy place.

●  Two: Aloe leaf,You can choose the fresh aloe leaf to smear the itchy place.

●  Three: You can take 3-4 pieces peppermint leaves and minced them,

    Then put it in the itchy place.

●  Four: Soap bar or toothpaste,All it is ok.


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