Do you know the advantages of the Mini type laundry sheet?

- Mar 09, 2018-

TOPONE brand Laundry sheets are innovative laundry products that enable laundry products to be sheet-like and lightweight while being easy to carry.laundry sheets using nano-technology and ultra-concentrated technology provide greater cleanness than regular laundry products. And in both hot and cold water will immediately melt, non-phosphorus, non-toxic, non-fluorescent brighteners. It can penetrate a variety of clothing fibers break stubborn stains.

Laundry sheet


1. Healthy for everyone, child, pregnant, normal people all use. ( because No whitening agent ,PH value neutral , Starch as carrier)

2. More environment. (No phosphorus, Dissolved totally ,Save water )

3. More detergency. (Chocolate , lipstick , oil stains all clean well) 

4. More economical and practical. (compare with other detergent. 1 box sheet = 5 kg liquid)

5. More convenient to take and keep. (1 pcs is just 3.5g)

Laundry sheet

Directions for use:

1 Top-Loading Washer: Start washer,add Laundry Sheet away from water stream,then add clothes. Front-Loading Washer: Add Laundry Sheet,then add clothes.Start washer.

Consider using a mesh bag for front loading machines.Always read machines manufacturers instructions.

2 After wash is complete,transfer along with clothes to dryer.

For Best Results: Use auto dry medium setting.Use low heat setting for synthetics. Like other softeners, if spotting occurs,rub with bar soap,wash in warm water.

Not intended for use on children’s sleepwear or other flame resistant fabrics as they may reduce flame resistance.

Laundry sheet 


1. The laundry is low foam and easy to wash, disolve faster when in the water,please do not put it close to the wet place.

2. Soak for 20 minutes will be good before washing.

3. Normally,1 Piece can use for 2-3 Kg clothes,2 for 3-6 kg clothes,6kg needs 3 Pieces or more.

4. Less clothes can tear the laundry sheets.


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