Do you know the most concealed 8 cockroaches hiding in the supermarket?

- Apr 26, 2018-

The supermarkets have large areas, complex environment, low prices and few working hours. This requires that we do a thorough and thorough inspection in the first service, and focus on checking and handling key points in the later stage of service.

This article points out 5 easy to overlook, but very critical, ways to help you improve your work efficiency.

1.The interior of the inter point equipment.


The device is seldom moved or not easily disassembled and checked inside, so it becomes an ideal habitat for a hidden, warm, undisturbed cockroach.

2. Fruit stacks


Supermarkets generally take a month to clean up these stacks, such as cardboard, shelf, basket, and so on, easy to cause the internal, back, gap, and other places to breed cockroaches. In addition, fruit juice left on the heap is also a favorite food of cockroaches.

3.Cashier equipment


The gap and bottom of the counter of the cash register are very easy to be ignored, because they are not moved and are relatively warm.

4.Bottom shelf at the end of the shelf


These bottom cabinets are usually used to store some sundries and promotional items, so they are not often moved and are easy to be the hiding place of cockroaches.

5.Public area


Public areas, including storage, green planting, staff dressing rooms and lounges, are easily ignored, but when the presence of cockroaches is found, it is easily complaining to the staff of the supermarket.

At this time, cockroach bait can be used to kill cockroaches.

Use cockroach bait to kill cockroaches

The use of cockroach bait to kill cockroaches is more effective method of killing cockroaches.The following recommended a few samples of drugs that can effectively kill cockroaches.


Product features:

1.Temptation super,keep wet in three months.

2.Realize is among cockroaches in order to kill thoroughly

3.No vapor, no poison, no mess.


Direction for use:

Slightly take out the cap and install the tubing. Press the plunger slightly.

Put the dots in the roach activities or hides with a way of injecting.聽

Put in corners, holes, inside of electric appliance place. Make sure each dot has a diameter of 5mm.


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