Do You Know The Origin And The Effect Of The Incense ?

- Nov 01, 2019-

Do You Know The Origin And The Effect Of The Incense ? 

The culture of Chinese incense is from the earliest stone era before 6000 years.

It is used in worship ceremony,People love for incense is innate originally from the scent of the plant,When they smell the incense fragrance,It can let people feel pleasure and relax.


Slowly,People find different fragrance of the plant has different effect.

When you work all day and feel tired,You can ignite incense,It can let you feel relax,enoy the life.

If yo have free time,You can make one cup of tea,ignite one piece incense,read one interested book,You will feel it is very good.If it is at night,Do you know which incense also can kill the mosquito?

Answer:Sweet dream incense(killer mosquito stick incense)

Natural,Eco-friendly material,Killing the mosquito,Give you the good safe environnment,Sweet dream incense let you improve the quality of the life.


● Name: Sweet dream incense

● Box Size: length33.5cm*width6.5cm

● Incense Size: length32cm

● Quality: 60 pieces / one box

● Packing List: 60 box / one carton

● Using: killing mosquito,repellent,effective against files and cockroach

● Applicable Places: hotel,office shop,restaurants,bedroom,home etc.

There are some colors can be choose,If you want to buy more,You can customize the color what you love.



Care for your family.

Let the mosquito disappear from our side.

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