Do You Know Which Place Can Let People Feel Relax ?

- Dec 04, 2019-

Do You Know Which Place Can Let People Feel Relax ?

Do you know which place can let people feel relax ?

Answer: BaiYun Mountain.


GuangZhou Baiyun Mountain,It is in Baiyun District,GuangZhou city,GuangDong province.

About the climate: Subtropical monsoon climate.

Area:20.98 square kilometers.

Attraction Level: AAAAA.

Altitude: 382 meters.

BaiYun Mountain has plentiful natural resources,There are a lot of trees,The air is very clear and fresh,It has 876 styles plants,There are five of them protected rare and endangered plant by the country,Liriodendron Tulipfera,Tuzhixiang,Rosewood Dalbergia,Chinese Fir,There are also has wild plants,Medicinal herbs plants,Supplies plants and so on.

It is the beautiful scenic,If you go to there,You will feel very relax.


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