Do You Know Which Way Is Better To Kill The Cockroach ?

- Dec 26, 2019-

Do You Know Which Way Is Better To Kill The Cockroach ?

We know,If the home has cockroaches,It is very annoying.They will spread bacterial,It is not good for family.

Except this,They also will eat foods and go to anywhere in the home,Polluted environment,It is very bad for family.

Do you know how to kill them ?

Follow me to read together.

They will appear in these place.

Kitchen,toilet,warehouse,bedroom,living room and so on,If we want to kill them.

You should clean the home first,Make your home more tidy and clean.

Second,TOPONE recommend this style to you,Cockroach Trap,strong viscose,environmentally friend,Follow me to study how to use it,First,Open the cockroach trap,second,remove the protective film,At the last,Make it as a small house,The glue is with taste which cockroach like,It will entice the cockroach to here and stick them.



The size is 24.5cm*19.2cm,Packing List:500 pieces/carton,You can put them in the kitchen,dinner room,bedroom and so on.Simple operation,kills cockroach is so easy.

Finally,You can spray a little air freshener for your home,It will be more better.

That's all,Thanks for your reading.

If there are any question,Please feel free to tell us.Thank you.

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