Do You Know Why The Shape of The Mosquito Coil Is Spiral ?

- Jan 11, 2020-

Do You Know Why The Shape Of The Mosquito Coil Is Spiral ?

In ancient times,The invention of mosquito repellent coils related with the ancients's hygiene practices of Dragon Boat Festival and the customs of burning incense.People will plug in wormwood in the out door,They also will smear realgar wine on the boby,It can make the air more fresh,Apart from this,It also can drive away the mosquito,In Han Dynasty,There are began mosquito coil,Because in that time,There are incense burners.They make the incense in the incense burner.


Initial,People use the stick incense,But burn time is short and it is easy broken,After,People invent the mosquito incense of the spiral shape,It will be burn for a long time,Under normal circumstances,It can be keep 8  hours.


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