Do You Love Flower ?

- Jan 09, 2020-

Do You Love Flower ?

The flower frangent is from the frangent of the natural flower.

There are different kinds flowers in our life.Because of the flower frangent's advantage,Most people use "flower frangent" to describe the beautiful surroundings or character.


Of course,Flower frangent can make us relax,Pleasure our mood,It also can as medicine,promote sleep,It has mitigation effect on headache and fatigue,refreshing and so on.

Certainly,It depends on which flower,Different flower different effect.

There is one product,Air frenshener,It is with the flower frangent,Jasmine flavor,Lily flavor,Rose flavor.Apply natural flavors,clean and health.

You can spray a little air frenshener flower frangent for your home,office,tea room,living room and so on.Let the flower frangent around your side,Make your life more better than before.

300ml/400ml/bottle,24bottles/carton 48bottle/carton.

Purifying air,fresh and natural.

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Thank you.

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