Do You Love Outdoor Activity ?

- Dec 28, 2019-

Do You Love Outdoor Activity ?

In 21st century,Outdoor activity are loved by the people,Because it can make people relax and enjoy the life,Get the fresh air,sports,It is good our life.

Common Activity: diving,climb mountain,surf,fishing,camping,ride and so on.


Today,I want to introduce camping,If you go to camping,Do you know what will you need to prepare ?

Tent: Choose structural stability,light,windprood,rainprood,double tent,It will be more good.

Sleeping Bag: You also can bring the sleep bag,It is easy to storage,About the camping place,You can choose quiet and good place.

Backpack: It can storage a lot of article,You can choose the big backpack.

So do you know which article should be bring ?

Lighter,matches,candle,magnifier,water bottle,multifunction picnic pot,knife,dinner ware,map,compass,flashlight,food.

Extemal use drug,red potion,bandage,In the end,Don't forget the repellent floral water,You know,In outdoor,When the night coming,The mosquito will be appear,You can use the repellent floral water,natural,eco-friendly,dafety material,It is 60ml /bottle,If you also need it,Please leave the message to us,It need to customize,Thank you.


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