Do you often use detergent to be harmful to your body?

- Sep 26, 2017-

Daily chemical detergent is gradually becoming the people of today's society can not be separated from the necessities of life. Whether in public places, luxury hotels, or in every family, we can see the traces of detergent.

Detergent in use, if the cleaning is not clean, there will be residual substances, the human body harm.

In order to avoid the detergent on our health caused more unknowable harm, we propose:

1. If you use detergent, it is recommended to use a small amount, or choose plant antibacterial detergent, such as small helper detergent;

2. to change the habit of the original bubble wash decontamination, the use of water rinse;

3. Do not squeeze the detergent directly on the kitchen, diluted and then use;

4. Select the appropriate purchase channels, do not map cheap in the small commodity wholesale market to buy, small manufacturers of washing products, may contain formaldehyde, arsenic and other harmful ingredients on the human body, the greater the harm to the human body;

5. Buy the Cleanser Society to see the label, the label marked the main ingredients of the detergent, the best choice when using the use of plant ingredients as a solvent and sterilization of the cleaning fine.