Electric mosquito mat can be reused in this method. Did you know?

- Dec 09, 2017-

In our life, there are a variety of mosquito repellent methods of which many friends choose a electric mosquito mat .This electric mosquito mat  has many benefits, convenience, hygiene, smoke-free, affordable.But many of friends may used electric mosquito mat once directly thrown away.Then the friend can be re-used electric mosquito mat.


First of all, you need to prepare a lighter and electric mosquito mat that have been used once.


First put the once used electric mosquito mat a (mosquitoes more places to increase the dose).Pinch both ends of the fingers, hard to rubit soft, special attention.Both ends also need to knead until the Point outpaper level.

Second,use a lighter to ignite it from one end.Try to make the fire burn larger.

Third,until about 70% of the entire piece of electric mosquito mat  come into contact with the flames.The fire will be blown out (just put out the open flame).Into the room with smoke from the electric mosquito mat put out, placed in a safe place, closed the window.People all go out.

Fourth,into the room after three minutes.Open the window a few minutes into the ventilation can be.The effect is excellent!


First of all, you need to prepare electric mosquito heaters, used electric mosquito coils, tap water, paper towels, toilet water.

1.Find a piece of used electric mosquito heater, wipe the surface with a tissue wipe clean Spare.Since used mosquito coils heated.The internal mosquito drugs volatile almost residue on the surface of some slight stains.As long as wipe with a tissue can be removed.Wipe clean electric mosquito heater spare.


2.Pick up the clean electric mosquito mat to clean in water.Squeeze 90% of the water inside.Leaving some water in it. Squeeze 90% of the water inside.Leaving 10% moisture in the electric mosquito mat inside.


3.The electric mosquito heater plugged in the power, the prepared electric mosquito mat into the heater.The prepared electric mosquito mat into the heating gas for a few minutes. The mosquito in this Environment can not survive.So as to achieve the role of mosquito repellent.



The repeated use of electric mosquito mat preserved.In preparation for the next follow the 1-3 steps to continue.As long as the electric mosquito mat are not damaged.We can follow the above method to reuse electric mosquito mat.So as to achieve the repellent effect. To achieve the purpose of environmental protection and conservation.


What is the use of electric mosquito mat better?


Why is choose TOPONE brand electric mosquito mat?

TOPONE brand electric mosquito mat is safe and clean, the use of good effect, easy to use.


So,Have you learned it?

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