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- Dec 19, 2017-

Currently, the insecticide spray standing in most households are hygienic insecticide spray. And hygienic insecticide spray is a class of pesticides.

Did you misunderstand that the type of pesticide is a kind of pesticide that is poisonous and harmful to the body? Is it not good for health? So refuse to use it?


In fact, you are wrong! It is really poisonous.But it has a level of toxicity.How to see the toxicity of health insecticides it?

According to "Pesticide Regulations" Ordinance.Health insecticide products should be marked on the label of product toxicity level. At present.China's direct use of pesticides registered toxicity are low toxicity or micro-toxicity.So you can buy the product, observe whether the product indicates the product toxicity level.In accordance with the instructions of the correct and reasonable use of the general will not endanger the health.

Insecticide spray

Anti-mosquito use insecticidal aerosols.To choose the right species!

Professionals remind that organic solvents in spray insecticides are flammable and explosive chemicals.And that the pressure inside the tank is under certain pressure. Citizens should not neglect their safety when storing and using pesticides to avoid accidents. In addition, the purchase of insecticidal aerosol must also be targeted.Take a look at the home what bugs.Go to "symptomatic" to buy. Want to kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants fleas, bugs, etc.To buy is "to kill insects aerosol."


Insecticide spray

             Insecticide spray

TOPONE insecticide spray.Kill effect is good.Easy to carry.So on by consumers.It has become the first choice for many families insecticide.

Insecticide spray

Insecticide spray


No.1: Home vases and hydroponics should be thoroughly water-changed at least once a week to thoroughly clean the air conditioning trays and pot trays.

No: 2: Check the floor drain of the bathroom and kitchen every week or replace the safety floor drain with anti-seepage function to keep the floor drain free of water.

No.3: Do not commonly used before the house pots pots should be cleared or upside down to prevent accumulation of water.


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