Home cleaning powder purchase skills

- Sep 26, 2017-

Washing powder is essential for home laundry supplies, detergent products on the market is also dazzling, then how to buy qualified detergent it?

(A) look for "national standard"

Washing powder is closely related to daily life, but the washing powder has a certain toxicity, if the invasion of the human body, will lead to hemolysis, thymus injury, decreased body resistance, but also cause diarrhea, weight loss, spleen atrophy, cirrhosis and so on. So only the choice of qualified products can be used with confidence.

(B) identify the pros and cons

From the packaging to distinguish between brand-name high-quality detergent bags printed clear, no wrong version and ink pollution phenomenon

From the appearance of distinction between brand-name high-quality detergent for the small particles of small particles like granules, bag fluffy full, hand touch the bag has a sense of loose, pure color, uniform particles

Easy to use,