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- Dec 21, 2017-

Air fresheners are essential items for many people in their daily lives. Whether in the car, the office or at home.They are gently sprayed and the smell completely removed.And making it relaxing and comfortable!

Today, TOPONE teaches you learn how to homemade air freshener.

First, you need to prepare the material.And a little mint and 95% strength alcohol.


No.1:Minced mint leaves as minced.

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No.2:Pour the alcohol into the mint leaf bowl and mop over the mint leaves.


No.3:Set the configured liquid seal for one week.


Finally, the ratio of 1: 3 to blend soaked finished products and tap water to complete.



Mint contains aroma organic.And alcohol soaked.The bad smell volatilize.It will stimulate the fragrance of mint.So we can make air freshener.

If you think homemade air freshener is in trouble.You can buy air fresheners directly is also a good choice.

Air freshener


Effectively remove all kinds of bad smell.Including smoke and strong smell of fumes and other odor. Concentrate formula, just gently touch, make you return to fresh world. Elegant natural pastoral fragrance, fresh and pleasant. Water-based environmentally friendly solvents to avoid pollution of the environment.

The scope of application:

No.1:In addition to the kitchen a variety of irritating food odor, such as onion, garlic and fishy smell, as well as a strong smell of soot and other odor.

No.2:Dispel odors, musty and other unpleasant smells in the bedroom, living room and bathroom.

No.3:And applies to the office and some places with poor ventilation, keep the air fresh breath.

Air freshener

Suitable for travel, fresh car and hotel room smell.

Air freshener

Air freshener use water-based environmental protection solvent.Effectively remove all kinds of bad smells.Including smoke and strong smoke smell, fishy smell, bathroom smell.


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