Hot sell Mosquito repellent mat in African market

- Mar 23, 2018-

Mosquito repellent mat is made from eco-friendly materials by applying latest technology,it provide consumers with whole night protection against mosquitoes.


Electric mosquito mat:

1. Voltage:110v-220v.

2. High effective, long duration about 12 hours.

3. Electric mosquito mat main material: ESBIOTHRIN 2.6%.

4. Fragrance: lemon, rose...

5. Fresh fragrance-releasing with soft and fresh scent.

Electric mosquito heater:

1.Electric mosquito heater main material: plastic.

2.Heater with indicator light, inserting directly .


Easy Usage:

1.Take out 1pc of mat and put it in the heater.

2.Connect power,heater light on.(working)

3.After almost 10hours,put in another new mat.


Keep it into dry place, don't put it under sunlight, far away from food.

Keep it out of the reach of the children and pet.

Keep the mosquito mat and electric mosquito heater in an air ventilation area.

Please clean your hands in time after touch the mosquito mat. 

Do not keep the mosquito mat near heat or inflammable material

Do not touch the electric mosquito heater if your hands are wet

Do not eat the mosquito mat.


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