Hot Selling To Africa market Insecticide spray .

- Mar 16, 2018-

Insecticide spray was produced by the advanced technology.Good smell,no contamination and harmless to human beings and animals;killing insect;mosquito,fly,cockroach instantly,etc.It is suitable to use for the kitchen,hotel,dining-room office.etc.It is good for children and old persons.This product is a necessity in safeguarding the sanitation and health of modern family life.




To kill flying insects:

Firstly keep people out and spray to the center of your room.

Secondly Walk out and close door for 3 minutes.               

Lastly Open door and windows, let fresh air in and out for 1-2 minutes. This is best way to kill mosquito and flies.

To kill crawling insects:

1.Spray directly to the insects that makes it easy to reach to insects hiding in leaks.

2.Always read instruction first before using it.



Safety Guideline for the use


1.DO not spray to people, pets, especially no face, eyes and the injuries.

2.Wash hands after using it.

3. Store it out of kids reach and keep in cool and dry place below 50 °C,get away from food.

4.DO not throw to fire to avoid dangerous explosion as it is pressusrized container.


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