Hot summer, Three trick to avoid mosquito bites

- Jun 08, 2018-

The hot summer has arrived and the temperature has gradually increased. So, please note that a big wave of mosquitoes will soon arrive at the battlefield. And it's time to fight against mosquitoes once a year.


It can be said that mosquitoes are small, but their lethality is very strong, which is very harmful to babies and pregnant women with weak immunity.So the annual mosquito war is about to start. This mosquito repellent is absolutely necessary. Today, TOPONE recommends a good mosquito repellent and mosquito repellent.

First trick


First recruit: water clearing

Mosquitoes mainly produce eggs in small water, so they must often turn over the pot and pour cans to clean up the water. Clearing the breeding ground of young mosquitoes:

1. aquatic plants (such as bamboos, evergreen, greens, etc.) change water every 3~5 days and wash the roots of plants.

2. clear dry flowerpot tray water at any time.

3. cleaning or inverting flower pots, tanks, tanks, storage tanks, etc.

4. waste tyres should be punched or covered with waterproof cloth to avoid water accumulation.

5.We should pay attention to clean environment and maintain environmental hygiene.


Second trick



TOPONE electric mosquito liquid

Use tools: mosquito repellent mosquito repellent mosquito repellent mosquito

Usage: turn off the cover of the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid, do not touch the mandrel.

Turn into the electric mosquito repellent incense burner, switch on the power will be effective.

After use, remove the heater from the outlet or turn off the power switch.


When the mosquito repellent incense liquid is used, remove the heater from the socket and replace the liquid bottle.

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