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- Dec 13, 2017-

According to a generally accepted view in the academic world, human history has existed for millions of years. The Huaxia civilization as the world's oldest civilization, about 4,700 years of history. The Mosquito is clearly much earlier than humans appear.And the earliest mosquitoes can date back hundreds of millions of years. So in the ancient times when there was no modern mosquito repellent.How did the Chinese repel mosquitoes in ancient times?


The war between humans and mosquitoes has not stopped, and now we have all kinds of mosquito repellent and anti-mosquito weapons. Such as insecticide spray, electric mosquito mat,electric mosquito heater, anti-mosquito bracelet and so on. Next, this article describes several methods of ancient repellent.

Mosquito nets to avoid mosquitoes in ancient times.

Mosquito nets in China has a very long history. Mosquito nets focus on defense. Neither the nobility nor the poor middle peasants have always been the absolute weapon against mosquitoes in ancient China. The tradition of mosquito repellent use has been inherited by the Chinese so far.


Mosquito repellent lamp

Anti-mosquito lamps that kill mosquitoes have appeared in ancient China. The lamp body of the lamp is like a gourd.And the side of the lamp is provided with a small window like a bell mouth. When the lamp twist is ignited.The airflow flows rapidly through the small window of the bell mouth and the mosquito will be exposed to the heat flow suction into the lamp to achieve the purpose of eliminating mosquitoes.


Hang sachets

Hanging sachet is one of the habits of ancient Chinese people.Many traditional Chinese medicine have the effect of insect repellent.Such as leaves, lilac, mint, etc. The ancients put these herbs made into sachets hanging on the body.


In addition to the above three methods.The ancients also use insect repellent grass, mosquito cylinder and other methods to repel mosquitoes. The ancients repel mosquito mainly by natural methods.Health does not hurt the body. Inspired by the ancients repellent method.TOPONE brand repellent products using pure natural extracts.From ancient herbal remedies.Really repellent does not hurt the body.


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