How does the baby diaper wear no urine? It turns out that mothers have ignored these points!

- Jun 13, 2018-

In the process of wearing diapers. Many mothers will encounter a problem, that is baby diapers leak urine. Leaking urine is it the problem of diapers? Usually diapers are properly used without leakage, which is probably the wrong way to use it. You can see if the leakage is caused by the following reasons.



1.The way to wear is incorrect

Wearing diapers may seem simple, but if they are not standardized correctly, they will easily leak urine. There are several points in dress that need special attention:

To prevent leakage, you need to improve the baby's back of the diaper, and then pull the diapers in the legs up to the navel, so that it won't cover the navel, and if the diapers do not wear the wrong urine, the leak will not pollute the baby's navel.

Fold the sides of the abdominal diapers to the inside or outside to prevent grinding the baby's navel. Stick the magic stickers on both sides. This way can prevent urine leakage more effectively. The waist is loose and tight so that one finger can be put into the standard.



2.Unsuitable size

The choice of the diaper, look at the weight. Too large model is easy to leak urine, too small model will cause reinfiltration because urine is more than the endurance of urine pants, and the tight urine pants will damage the baby's delicate skin.

3. See whether the diapers are saturated


Baby urine volume is relatively large, or wear a longer time, will lead to urine pants saturation. At this time, the absorption effect of urine pants is relatively poor, prone to leakage of urine. Therefore, we need to change the urine pants in time, prevent leakage of urine, and keep away from red farts.




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