How long is it right for the diapers to change?

- Apr 10, 2018-

Baby diapers are disposable, and it has good ventilation and hygroscopicity, which is a convenient and helpful assistant for young mothers. Because of the water barrier outside the plastic film of diapers, the air permeability of diapers is also greatly restricted. So in order to prevent bacterial breeding, mothers often change their diapers for newborns. How often do they need to be changed to prevent bacterial growth?


How often does the baby's diaper change?

After the baby's stool needs to replace the diaper immediately, and the urine can be changed for 2 - 3 hours. As long as it is found that the urine of the diapers has 2-3 times, it should be replaced. It is suggested that before each feeding, after feeding, after the stool, before sleeping and waking up, we should judge whether the diaper needs to be replaced. Every time your baby cries, pay attention to whether the diaper should be replaced.

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Change time of paper diapers at different ages.

1.Neonatal period: because the bladder is not fully developed, the urine can not be stored in the body for a long time, so the number of diapers will be changed a lot, the general 2 hours to change, 24 hours change the number of diapers can reach 10 times, every time before and after the milk, the children's stool, before sleeping need to change diapers.

2.In infants and young children, it can be changed 3 hours in the daytime. When it is bigger, it can be changed 4-6 hours, and it can be changed two times a night or once at night.



So what's better for mom to choose a diaper?



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