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- Dec 02, 2017-

How do we choose to deal with the different types of insect repellent on the market? Below we will introduce several types of insect repellent products are widely used and the daily use of insect repellent products and taboo for your reference.


Traditional black mosquito coils

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Traditional black mosquito coils are mostly active ingredients of various pyrethrum insecticides, due to the relatively low cost, has been using a relatively wide range.So repellent effect is better.


Mosquito repellent cream



Mosquito repellent cream is made of natural plant essential oil formula.Skin care both insect repellent effect.Does not contain any pesticide insecticide, effectively prevent and relieve mosquito bites, hot and other skin discomfort, skin cool and comfortable, repel mosquitoes,go out, essential travel goods.


Mosquito repellent bracelet


Mosquito repellent bracelet is more popular mosquito repellent products in recent years, the active ingredient is citronella essential oil.  However, claimed to be 100% natural, "chemical-free" mosquito bracelet exposed by a large number of news more or less contain pyrethrins repellent substances. Even more worrisome is that the current network of some mosquito repellent bracelet product composition is not clear, and no mosquito repellent bracelet manufacturers get the necessary pesticide registration certificate, the specific types of these bracelets repellent, Specific content is difficult to verify, long-term use of such products is difficult to guarantee the safety.


Mosquito repellent software

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Mosquito repellent software is software that uses sound waves to repel mosquitoes that can be installed in a computer or a cell phone. However, so far, scientific experiments have failed to prove the existence of the "ultrasonic repellent" principle. Therefore, the effectiveness of such software There is no scientific basis to support. On the other hand, prolonged high-dose ultrasound may damage human cells. Therefore, it is not recommended to use such unscientific methods to repel mosquitoes.


How to go to the supermarket to buy repellent products correctly?




When buying mosquito coils, pay attention to the packaging of the product whether there are two signs: The first is the "production permit" issued by the NDRC.The second is the "pesticide registration certificate" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture Drug Examination.The two permits complete Standardized products. At the same time, the package should also be marked with the name and content of repellent active ingredients. To avoid three non-products.

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