How to clean drity white shirt?

- Jan 24, 2018-

No.1:Clean white & white socks

Stubborn stains on white clothing is difficult to eradicate. This time to take a lemon slice boiled water into the water after soaking white clothing. About 15 minutes after cleaning.


No.2:Cleaning clothes smell

Occasionally due to drying clothes drying. There will be unpleasant sweat sour taste, take white vinegar and water mixed, soaked in flavorful clothes for about five minutes. And then clothes in the air to dry it.

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No.3:Clean clothes and paint


Rub on the clothes to paint how to do? The method is to apply the cool oil to the area where the paint is stuck. Because the contents contained in the cool oil dissolve the paint and then rinse it clean. If stained with water-soluble paint (such as water-soluble paint, latex paint) and home interior paint, wash with water immediately out. If the nylon fabric was stained with paint.It can be lard coated with rub. And then dipped in detergent.

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Clean dyed clothes


Add warm water to the washing machine. Start the washing machine for rinsing. Add 84 disinfectant and add about one-third bottle of disinfectant to half cylinder water, dissolve and dilute, put on the clothes, cover the lid, rinse for about 25 minutes, after 25 minutes Remove the clothes, clothes dry, the color back to the original.


If you want to avoid the clothes do not fade. Just bought a new dress.You must put some salt in the water (a bucket of water), rinse immediately after rinse with water. Do not soak too long! Finally, do not in the sun exposure. The sun will make the dye denatured oh. Should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry.


No.4:Deal with the clothes on the pen


First, pour the alcohol on the fountain pen scratches on the clothes. Each scratch should be evenly covered with alcohol, alcohol to use the concentration of not less than 75% of the medical alcohol. Put the clothes down the alcohol side up. Not to touch the other side of the clothes, or pen or ballpoint pen imprint colors may be dyed other parts of the clothes. With an ordinary washbasin. Ready for most of the basin of water. Then the full two bottles of bleach poured into the water. Be sure to be full of two caps Caixing. Take along to do mixing. Then add a little laundry sheet. This amount you can master. After a little agitation, so that detergent can fully dissolve in water. Now the clothes soaked in water. The time is twenty minutes. Time is up, cleaning clothes, no mark at all!

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Laundry sheets are innovative laundry products that enable laundry products to be sheet-like and lightweight while being easy to carry.laundry sheets using nano-technology and ultra-concentrated technology provide greater  cleanness than regular laundry products.And in both hot and cold water will immediately melt, non-phosphorus, non-toxic, non-fluorescent brighteners.It can penetrate a variety of clothing fibers break stubborn stains.


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