How to completely kill cockroaches?

- Nov 15, 2017-

The cockroach have existed for more than 300 million years. Most of them in humid and hot conditions and are common in offices and family rooms. The cockroach is more than just someone who hates and arrogant. And their proteins in their excretions are causing Allergic rhinitis and asthma. So now TOPONE teach you a few ways to kill cockroaches .


The tools you need are as follows:


2. Boric acid and swabber

3. Orange and lemon peel

4. Potato and boric acid

5. Cockroach bait

Part. 1

(Soda kill cockroach method)

Half a mixture of sugar and baking soda.Put in the cockroach place. About 3-14 days, the cockroaches will disappear. It is said that this is the most common American anti-cockroach recipe.


Part. 2

(Boric acid to anti-cockroach method)

With hot water to dissolve the amount of boric acid.With a mop or rag wipe the floor.After drying.White boric acid crystals will penetrate the floor space. Prevent cockroaches, ants and so on.


Part. 3

(Orange and lemon peel anti-cockroach method)

The orange and lemon skin dried or dried.Placed in various cabinets.Not only the role of flavor.But also play a certain anti-cockroach effect.


Part. 4

(Family homemade cockroach medicine method)

First of all, the potatoes washed and put in the pot and steamed.About 15 minutes on it. Take the same volume of boric acid as potatoes.Crush the potatoes and mix well with boric acid. Note, be sure to mix the two.


Part. 5

(Cockroach bait kill cockroach method)



First, open the package and remove the cockroach bait.

Second, tear the paper on the board.

Third, paste into the cockroach place.


Nocturnal, the effect of plastic bait at night is the best. Cockroach bait can effectively attract cockroaches to eat out. So it can kill cockroaches in series this time.


It is advisable to place it on the bottom of the refrigerator, in the kitchen corner, in the blank space, at the bottom of computer equipment, under the sink, in the water heater at the top of the bathing house, in the bedroom. Where dark and dirty places often appear in damp places.

We suggest you try TOPONE cockroach bait.

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