How To Make Our Body Smell Fragrant ? Do You Know ?

- Oct 26, 2019-

How To Make Our Body Smell Fragrant ? Do You Know ?

Who wouldn't like to smell fragrance all day ?

So do you know how to let yourself is smelled fragrant ?

Following me to study these way.

You can drink the flower tea for a long time.

Peach Flower Petals Tea.

If you usually drink the peach flower petals tea,It can let you body distribute the chrysanthemum fragrant.

Jasmine Flower Tea.

Jasmine as a body fragrant,It is beauty food,According to modern pharmacological research,Jasmin contained the essential oils,Linalool substance and so on.Take 3-5 grams to cook the porridge,If you usually drink the jasmin tea or have the jasmin porridge,It can let your skin fragrant.

Rose Flower Tea.

People usually use the rose flower as drinks.It has beauty and health effect.It can let female distribute fresh fragrant.

These Tea Also Is Ok.

Orchid Flower,Lilac Flower,Osmanthus all it is ok.


Except for some of these.

TOPONE recommend this style to you,Body Spray Effects.

It is smell great,Body Spray women,Spray lasts all day,Smell great,Classical,Fruity,Fresh Fragrant.

Product Information

Product Name: Body Spray

Brand Name: I&Admirer or OEM

Fragrant: Customer Choose

Capacity: About 150ml

Diameter: 52mm

Packing Details: 96 pieces / cartons

There are five flavors,You can choose what you want .

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