How to prevent ticks?

- Jul 17, 2018-

Ticks is commonly known as grass climbing seeds, belong to the family acari and acaroidea. It is also divided into the tick family, the soft tick family and the NNA tick family. 104 species of Ixodes and 13 species of soft ticks have been recorded in China. Ticks are often lodged in livestock and other animal skins. The ticks in the field are mostly dormant in the hills, hills, grass, plants or mountain soil.


The damage of ticks is mainly in two aspects.

Direct harm

On the one hand, as a direct cause of the pathogen, skin damage and itching occur on tick bite sites, and even severe allergic reactions occur.

Media and storage hosts

On the other hand, ticks are the vectors and storage hosts of some zoonosis. As a biological medium, 83 viruses, 15 kinds of bacteria, 17 spirals, 32 protozoa and chlamydia, mycoplasma and Rickettsia can be transmitted.

Tick bite itself is usually not too dangerous, but its spread diseases are often more dangerous and sometimes even fatal. Tick borne diseases are mainly fever associated with thrombocytopenia syndrome, granulocytopenia, forest encephalitis, lym fever, hemorrhagic fever and so on. These diseases can cause serious consequences if they are not diagnosed and treated in time.


How to prevent ticks?

Try to avoid staying in bed for long periods in the main habitat such as grass and woods. If you want to enter such areas, you should pay more attention to personal protection, wear long sleeved clothes, tighten your trouser legs and cuffs.



When you return home, bathe and change your clothes, and check their bodies and clothes carefully to see if ticks have been stung or climbed up. In addition, the TOPONE brand insecticide spray can be sprayed in order to eliminate the ticks in the domestic animal list and livestock house.



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