How to properly place cockroach bait in the kitchen and in the lobby?

- Jan 06, 2018-

Cockroach needle


(1) kitchen wall corner or gap.And check whether there is traces of cockroach contamination. If there are traces, clean up the corner of the gap, the point of plastic bait.

(2) kitchen cabinets corner position and cockroach holes. Check whether there are cockroaches inside and outside the cabbage contamination traces. If clean the cabinets and around and point the plastic bait.

(3) Next to the kitchen gas stove.And cook stove cooking greasy place most attract cockroaches.Check the greasy clean and then point the glue on the kitchen bait.

(4) kitchen shelter corner.Cockroaches infested always in some side and corner places. Check some dark and rare corner, after cleaning plastic bait point.

(5) under the kitchen cabinet corner.Check the cupboard under the flashlight. If there is a cockroach, a large number of water spray, a small number of plastic bait at both ends.

Cockroach needle

(6) Lobby wall corner or window.Check the corner and the window around.Whether there are traces of cockroach contamination. If in the corner and around it.Point the plastic bait.

(7) Lobby TV cabinet corner. Check the TV cabinet inside and outside. If cockroaches. Open the clean.And then point the plastic bait.

(8) Under the sofa in the hall.Check the sofa under the flashlight. If there is a cockroach.A large number of water spray.A small number of spots in the surrounding rubber erbium.

(9) Hall of the coffee table, moving objects, remove dust.And check around. If there is a cockroach.One by one to clean the plastic bait.

(10) Lobby trash, clean the trash every day. Check the internal clearance corner.If the cockroach, please at the bottom of the medial or top or lateral edge.And point the plastic bait.


Cockroach needle 

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