How to use electric mosquito liquid?!

- Jan 20, 2018-

Topone electric mosquito repellent liquid killer is an eco-friendly product manufactured to provide efficient protection from mosquitoes in bedrooms. The features of this product are shown as below:

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1.Mosquito liquid with 0.85% Prallethrin

2.High effectiveness , convenience and durable-keep using for 8hours of 45 nights.

3.Strong effectiveness-killing all repellent mosquitoes silently by plant extract toner.

4.Release stably –using advanced mandrel to ensure the liquid release stably and effectively.

5.Fresh fragrance-releasing with soft and fresh scent.

6.A better result would be appearing after using our liquid vaporizer.

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Direction of Use:

1. Turn on the cap and compatible with electric diffuser as right dialogue.

2. It can be used when plugged in and turn on the switch.

3. If the refill in bottle is used out , replace a new one when diffuser is shut off.

4. Be careful of electric safety.

5. It is suitable to be used under the room of area of about 15 square meters.

6. It should use two at the same time if area is over of 15 square meters.

7. It can get the better result if you turn on it half an hour before you go to bed.

8. It is better to place the heater in the air draft and keep 2 meters away from human when using.





1.Do not touch when using

2.Do not keep the heating unit in contact with fabrics ,paper and inflammable materials.

3.Do not put something on the heater when using.

4.Wash your hands after touch.

5.Not to be used in a horizontal position.



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