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- Nov 11, 2017-


You've heard a lot about mosquito control. But you do not have a really useful way. TOPONE for you to analyze.From indoor to outdoor anti-mosquito methods. The second half of the article focuses on a variety of insect repellent.TOPONE teach you to identify a variety of insect repellent ingredients.

1. First to say one can not use the method - vitamin b1 anti-mosquito.

Some people have studied such a mosquito repellent method.To prepare a spray can make vial.Then into the five vitamin b1.And add water and shake. Pick up the bottle at the arm, legs, body and other parts spray can be.

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Scientific proof.

No research can prove that mosquitoes are afraid of the taste of vitamin B1.And water-soluble vitamin B1 is not stable in water.It see light easily broken down.

2. Interior lit citrus peel, both mosquito repellent but also to eliminate the smell of the house.


Advantages of health and non-toxic, environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is that if the air circulation and the taste will soon be dissipated, failure.

3. Self-made anti- mosquito bottle, both practical and beautiful.

Find a smaller bottle (similar to a beer bottle).Which contains half a bottle of concentrated syrup or honey. The mosquito smelt sweet and went in. The mosquitoes had been turning around and could not fly.



Both practical and beautiful. Ordinary beer bottles sprayed with paint or rope.And fake flower decoration or something.Make ornaments or hang up.

4.Please  use your eyes to identify the toilet water.

TOPONE teach you a look.Make a shrewd repellent expert! Do not listen to the seller to promote.Non-toxic ingredients, natural plant extracts, to identify a chemical composition is not good. Plants that look harmless to humans and animals can also extract a lot of poisons. Whether natural or chemical synthesis.As long as the safety standards can be used.

The most in-depth and authoritative research on the effectiveness of insect repellent products is the EPA of the United States Environmental Protection agency.So far passed the EPA review of the repellent components: DEET, Insect repellent, Lemon eucalyptus, Pakalidin.


Insect repellent


Ingredients Efficacy:

Honeysuckle: Herbal essence and heat itching.

Wild chrysanthemum: Help to ease the discomfort after mosquito bites.

Chamomile: With repair sensitive skin.

Menthol: Special add peppermint essence of comfort and natural security.

This is a very effective method. Choose the anti-mosquito method that you think is effective. I hope I can help you.

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