If It Heavy Rain,We Should Pay Attention The Disease Prevention After Heavy Rain.

- Oct 14, 2019-

If It Is Heavy Rain,We Should Pay Attention The Disease Prevention After Heavy Rain

As well know,The water often change,It is sunny this second,It will be raining next second.

You will not know what happened next time.

After heavy rain,foods,bacteria and viruses are easy to breed.

The flood will drown rubbish and bring a lot of rubbishes,If no one to clean it in time,

It will become the park of the mouse,mosquito,cockroach..


If the food was soak by the flood,The food will be contaminated.

It will be spead some disease after heavy rain.

Intestinal Infectious Disease: cholera,typhoid fever,dysentery,hepatitis A,

hepatitis E,other infectious diarrhea and so on.

Please pay attention to the health of the eating and drinking.

Prevention of intestinal infectious disease.

Accidental Damage: drowning,electric shock,heat stroke,trauma,poisonous bites,

bruises,viper bites,food poisoning ,pesticide poisoning and so on.

Please reduce to touch the polluted water.

Vector Infectious Disease: dengue,zika,malaria,JE,leptospirosis,

epidemic hemorrhagic fever and so on.

We should wipe out mosquito,mouse,cockroach and so on.


TOPONE recommend this product to you,Let us keep away insect.

Product Name: Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil.

Outer Packing: 60 pieces / bag.

Inner Packing: 5 double coil.

Diameter: 140 mm.

Effective Time: 12 hours.

Brand Name: TOPONE/OEM.


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   TOPONE brand Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil.

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