If The Home Has Odor,Do You Know How To Remove The Odor ?

- Oct 18, 2019-

If The Home Has Odor,Do You Know How To Remove The Odor ?

If our home has odor,It is very bad,Do you know how to remove it ? Following us !

Open The Window.

In the sunny day,You can open the window for a few hours,Not only can let the air circulation,But also can let the wind into the home.


Clean The Home.

First,You can move furniture out,Clean them and let them sunbathing.

Second,Sweep the floor and clean the floor.Open the door and window to let the air circulation for a few hours.

At the last,When the room is dry,Move the furniture in.


Don't Put The Food In The Room.

The room has odor,Most of reasons is put wrong something in the room,Such as food,If you put it in the room for a long time and it will be mold,There will be strong odor,It will be very difficult to remove.


Pay Attention To Personal Hygience.

Keep the room tidy and clean the cloth,sock...


Put Something Can Remove The Odor In The Room.

There are many kinds of something can remove the odor,Such as orange peel,Grapefruit..


Except for some of these.

Air Freshene Aerosol,It also can remove the odor.

TOPONE recommend this one to you.

● Natural fragrance remove bad odors form the air.

● It is the great item to make the room fresh all the time.

● Just select your favourite fragrance and enjoy the freshens.

● Popular scents: ROSE,PURE,JASMNE,LEMON and so on.

● OEM is welcome,and we will do it better.

Product Information

Product Name
Air Freshener
Brand Name
Sweet dream / OEM
Shelf-life3 Years
FeaturesEco-friendly,Safety,You worth possess it


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