If you have a mouse at home.What should we do?

- May 12, 2018-

An uninvited guest came in the room. At midnight, It always liked to bite east or west, or to make room noises. This affected sleep.It is a mouse.What should we do?


You can use TOPONE brand Paper Board Mouse Glue Trap.


1. Our gue trap's adhesive force is very powerful, the stuck mouse is hardly to escape.

2. Ecofriendly,health and non-toxic, especially suitable for food factories, restaurants, food warehouse, home, etc.

3. This product isn't influenced by climate,it is suitable for every country arround the world.

4. It is reusable, non-toxic and harmless, no pollution. It's a new generation of green environmental protection.

5. As a new generation of environment-friendly product, it is not subject to the climate change. It is reusable, non-toxic and harmless.



1. The mouse glue trap can throw off peanut butter smell which is one of mice's favorate food, can well attract mouse to come .

2. We are factory, we strictly control raw material's quality , as well as every process of the producing.

3. OEM is accepted, even small quantity order is acceptable, we can do design for client free of extra charge.


Direction for usage

1. Open the board carefully and place it on wherever rats usually appear.

2. Put more traps if the place is rat-infested. Fix it on the floor if necessary.

3. For better effectiveness, use it with bait.

4. Dispose it once catching the rat, or reuse after removing the rat.

5.In case any body parts or surfaces stick to the glue, wipe or wash it with alcohol.




1.Avoid exposing the trap under the sunlight or getting touch with water so as to ensure the effect. If touching water,use it after making it dry.

2.If the clothes are stuck by the glue,clean it with diesel oil and then wash it by detergent.

3.In winter,for better effect,please heat it up on the hoating pipe before using.

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